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Industry thoughts

2019 is approaching. Is your personal brand plan in motion?

Your business brand’s annual plan has been developed, revised, presented, revised again and finally approved and is activating in market as we speak.  As a brand marketer, I wonder what our professional paths would look like if we used the same discipline and rigor we use to craft the direction and activity of our businesses to develop and execute our own personal brand plan.

It could look like this:

First, a deep dive into the personal career lessons learned would be a fantastic exercise.  We do this top line as we execute performance reviews but what I am talking about goes deeper.  Ask yourself what did I learn and what did I not learn in the past year?

Second, identify where you want to be when the year closes.  What are you career goals & objectives for 2019?

Third, what are the tactics you are going to deploy to achieve your 2019 objective?   This level of planning begins with your work plan but doesn’t end there. Think outside your project list.

Fourth, what is your career support plan for the year?  Where are you going to invest your time and energy in to achieve your goals?  Will you heavy up in areas that have created growth for you in the past or continue to invest in yourself at the same or reduced levels?

Fifth, what are you going to pursue to personally test and learn?  Where are you going to go out on a professional limb to make yourself a better business leader?

Finally, what new news are you bringing to market this year about you?  What is your 2019 personal innovation and how will we all get the launch announcement?

While our careers aren’t as cut and dry as the products and services we bring to market each day, they are living, breathing works in progress that deserve our very best planning.  We all know the cautionary tale of the cobbler’s children that have no shoes.  Don’t let another year go by being a brand leader with no personal brand.

Best wishes for a fantastic year of personal brand growth!

Shannon Silsby is a global brand leader turned executive recruiter now fueling brands through talent at Perpetual Insights (part of The Pi Group), a boutique brand search consultancy.   See her personal brand plan at work at