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10 insights to achieving your CAREER AMBITION

Career Transition is a daunting and difficult time for people and one which can sometimes derail the most successful of candidates. This upheaval, surprise and change in circumstances can be a difficult period to navigate. Whilst some choose to go it alone and condition themselves that everything will be alright, others set out on a proactive, positive and guided career transition program – either paid for by their previous company or indeed selffunded.

Success is something all career-driven individuals desire – and being downsized can be a blow to that journey. Not knowing which direction to turn, what next steps to take, how to position yourself after a period out of the job search market can be daunting and overwhelming.

A career transition program can provide structure and personal clarity, reestablishing your focus and drive that will lead you to the next chapter of your career. Investing in yourself will help strengthen habits, beliefs, passion, flexibility and attitude.

Here are 10 insights to achieving your Career Ambition:

Be brave.

In order to transition back into the workforce, you have to have courage. And to become courageous, you have to do courageous things. Much of being successful is about going beyond what you think you’re capable of — venturing into the unknown. Whether you fail or succeed, you will learn and grow.

Growth, in and of itself, means attaining a level of success whether it came from success or failure.

Believe in yourself.

Attitude is everything. A negative attitude to career transition decreases success and a positive attitude creates success. Without that belief in yourself, you’ll will not find your path to success. Success is something that’s created. It’s not something that just “happens.”

When you firmly believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. In this belief in yourself you’ll find the power to create the resilience and fortitude needed to keep going when things get tough.

Surround yourself with good people.

Whom you surround yourself with is among the most important choices you’ll make while you are in Career Transition. Negativity is contagious and if other those around you are negative, there will be a ceiling to your success.

To reach the goals you desire, rid yourself of toxic people immediately.

It only takes one toxic person to impair your quest to return to the workforce. Further, when you surround yourself with other successful, goal-oriented individuals, you can learn from them adding fuel to your journey down the road of transition.

Set clear and realistic goals.

Knowing where you’re headed in transition is something that must come from within. When your goals are selected by you and crystal clear, you’re more motivated to achieve them.

When you achieve goals, you attain a new desired piece of yourself. When your goals arise from your instigation, they carry a deeper meaning and confer a greater impact on your sense of self.

Each self-selected goal realized adds a depth to you as a person. Personal expansion is just one of the great gifts to come from succeeding in your career goals.

Know your vision.

Visualization is powerful because actions follow thoughts. A great technique for nurturing your vision and purpose is to make your goals visual. Some people use vision boards and others set goals identifying specific dates for their achievement.

Whatever works best for you is a personal decision.

We believe that anything that’s written down is more likely to be achieved than visions kept in mind only. When you make your purpose visual, you make it real. When you keep them in your mind, they remain wishes.

Go for it.

The challenge of your Career Transition is what creates your growth along the journey. Each challenge obstructing your path provides you with the chance to take a step closer toward attaining your next role, reestablishing your career path and personal satisfaction. Each one is a compass directing you toward new business leads, circumstances and opportunities. Each one is a chance for you to grow and strengthen.

Be selective.

Selectivity creates success. You must think deeply and intelligently about the bigger picture and what it is you need for each step along the way to continue articulating and executing your career goals.

Mindfulness means being aware of all angles and staying sharply in touch with the present so that you do not have to clean up mistakes in the future.

Selectivity is a powerful tool for you in the pursuit of success.

Take risks.

There are no guarantees on any path to success in life, career transition or business. The unknown is always looming. Therefore, risk and education are often the mechanisms necessary for knowing more clearly if you’re on the right path.

If you’re afraid to risk, you will put limits on your success and go back to where you’re comfortable. You cannot get what you want if you don’t risk rejection and go for what you desire.

Do what you love.

You’re more likely to succeed in business when you’re invested in your passion and making your career fit your personality. There is a way to find passion about anything and everything you do in life. Career Transition is often the catalyst to re-evaluating if you were doing a role you truly love and if you are pursuing one that is a good fit.

You may not have loved every part of your previous role but tolerating discomforts by looking at the bigger picture makes your investment of time and energy worthwhile.

Be willing to love and find purpose in all aspects of what your career requires, commit to it and see what you’re doing as being a benefit to others. When you love the career you’re in, there is nothing that can keep you from wanting to work at it, nurture it and make it grow.


You must look at all you have and have achieved to date and realize how great what you have is as compared to the situation of many others.

When you have this attitude, you stop suffering and complaining about the small stuff. Habits coupled with flexibility provide you with a path to success. Success is fluid and so rigidity will stand in its way.

Developing and practicing a mindset of gratitude will give you a compass to navigate the ever-changing tides on the way to career and financial goals. This mindset allow openness and flexibility while also providing you precise direction. Gratitude can fuel your path of transition.