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For a young adult who has just finished college, securing that first job is top of mind. It’s an opportunity to explore a career interest, achieve financial independence, and learn how to survive (and even thrive) in the working world. It’s a critical milestone, and a first of many steps toward a successful future. In today’s job market, however, landing a desirable job after college can be as elusive as finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Some young adults are working in fields that don’t interest them, or they only work part time hours. Worse yet, there are many who can’t find a job at all and become an unfortunate statistic. This begs the question of whether they are approaching the job search in the most effective way. Many job seekers benefit from the help of a program like ours, which provides guidance, structure, and support through the rather arduous job search process.


Graduate Ambition Program

Our tailored program, “Graduate Ambition” offers a career launch service designed for pre-professionals and early-stage professionals. It allows graduates to discover and pursue a career path matching their skills, experience and interests. Our 7 part program is tailored to each person’s individual needs but generally follows this format:

Introductory Meeting

This is a complimentary meeting among our Managing Partner, the graduate and his/her sponsors (generally parents) to discuss the program expectations and desired outcomes.

We believe firmly that there must be good chemistry between the Managing Partner, the Perpetual Ambition team and graduate for the program to be successful.

Part One – The Graduate Ambition Intake

College can leave us feeling lost in the shuffle but, luckily, the intake is all about YOU. We learn about your background, interests, strengths, and goals for the future. We use this information to formulate a plan for your job search and career exploration.

Part Two – Talent Assessment

There’s no denying that people tend to excel in careers they love. Unfortunately, many of us spend our early career years trying to uncover what our passions and career strengths are. While some are lucky enough to find out just what color their parachute is right away, others aren’t so fortunate. Graduate Ambition can keep you from floundering, as our talent assessment report will help to hone in on potential careers based on your interests. The results of the assessments are then discussed with the graduate. Afterwards, a personalized career exploration strategy with clear qualitative and quantitative expectations is formulated that focuses on critical concepts like networking and identifying companies of interest.

Part Three – The Nitty Gritty (Resume Review, Interviewing Skills, Etc.)

While strong communication skills are going to be a crucial component during your job search, you need to get your foot in the door first. It’s virtually impossible to do this without an impressive cover letter and resume. Our third meeting helps us to get down to brass tacks, as we generally reserve this for resume critiquing, developing networking skills, and a discussion on how to conduct an effective job search.

Part Four – The Interview

Public speaking is often touted as people’s #2 fear – second only to flying. It goes without saying, then, that the thought of interviews can make some people’s knees knock in anticipation. With proper preparation, however, interviews can go from anxiety provoking to an exciting opportunity to land the job you want. Our fourth meeting will be dedicated to the interview, so we will not only review how to prepare but we will also conduct an actual mock interview. We videotape the interview so graduates can watch their performance and note areas in which they can improve. The focus will be on responses, body language, and putting your best foot forward. Learning how to interview and answer tough questions will help build self-confidence and demonstrate purposefulness when interacting with professionals in unfamiliar settings. The better our graduates understand and are comfortable interviewing, the better the results.

Part Five – Negotiation

During this fifth meeting, we provide a critique of the mock interview, along with a discussion on effective networking and job search activities. When a desired job offer is extended, it is time to negotiate. The goal of negotiating is to come to an agreement about the complete job package. We work with our graduate to develop a negotiating strategy that includes everything from compensation to job responsibilities. Once a starting date has been agreed with the new employer, we discuss the most effective “onboarding” strategy with the graduate. This overview of effective negotiating can provide the foundation for a life-long skill.

Part Six – The Wrap-Up

We allocate time for a sixth meeting to provide greater emphasis on any of the above topics, or other relevant topics that may arise during our time together. If we’ve done our job (and we shall!), you will walk out the door armed with the confidence and skills to land your dream job (or hopefully something close to it!).

Part Seven – On boarding and Continued Career Consulting

It’s vital that our graduate gets off to a strong start; we will help them navigate the uncertain waters often found in the early days on a new job. This part involves a detailed evaluation of your assessments as it relates to the position/role and the organizational culture to ensure that issues of style and experience, communications skill and appropriate business behavior will mesh effectively with your new employer.

The first 90 days is a pivotal time to build relationship, address early expectations with your manager, to learn more about the “current situation” and how that will affect the position you accepted and much more.

We understand that questions and/or concerns may arise in between meetings during our time together. We are available to chat via email and on the phone, which is just one of the many things that make this an elite and effective program to assist you with your job search.

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